Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Update On My Dad

Lots to say... Where to start?

On Monday, my dog died. I am not so torn up over it because, though he was sweet, I wasn't very attached to him. As a result of his death, my dad went to dig a hole in the back yard yesterday to bury him in. But, I guess when he was digging the hole, he had a heart attack, so he went to the hospital. My sister called me when she was getting to the hospital and let me know what was going on. I asked her to keep me updated- she seemed to think everything was going to be fine.

I didn't hear from her until about an hour later (Around 7:30pm) when she told me he was just getting tests run to see how blocked his arteries are. It turned out that they were all between 60-90% blocked. He coded twice during that time. (Which means his heart stopped twice and they had to resuscitate him.) So, they put a stint in and a temporary pace maker, and they are putting two more stints in later this week.

He is doing okay now. I have talked to him and he just seems real tired. He made me laugh this morning when he said that there is no light like everyone says there is, when you start to die, only darkness. LOL. : ) Way to make light of the situation, dad!

We would all really appreciate your prayers! Thanks so much! : )

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