Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquakes in Japan

Finally thinking of someone other than myself.

The earthquakes in Japan are devastating. There have been 5 major earthquakes ranging from 6.0 to 8.9. They have caused tsunami's to sweep across the land at ranging speed. People are dying and its so tragic. Those poor people are facing such utter devastation and they are helpless to it's effects. They cannot talk to the land and waves and ask it for reprieve. Neither of them obey the command of humans. So, those in Japan have no other choice than to face it. And how sad of a reality that it.

I pray for them. I pray that God will give them grace upon grace in relation to injuries, heartache, death, etc. I pray that they will not turn to their gods in this time and assume they are being punished- that they will not turn to falsehood. I pray that they will seek the true God in this and that He will deliver them from this tragedy.

The waves are still moving, and the death toll is rising. The only good news I have heard is that no other country is more prepared for this than Japan.

Prayers and love toward those in Japan.

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